Welcome to my website, thanks for visiting!
I live and paint in Sark, in the English Channel Islands, and am very excited to be producing a new body of work inspired by life in these islands. Sark is unique, it's a tiny island, around 8km by 3km. There is only one paved road here, and no cars, just bicycles and tractors. For a small island there is plenty of wilderness to be inspired by; a wild, windy and rugged coastline, along with some enchanting cottages and lanes.

I mostly paint with watercolours; I love the immediacy of them; their light touch and translucency. Nevertheless I like to push my watercolours with strong contrasts, and lots of watery effects.
Aside from watercolours I've been having loads of fun this past year with collaging. I tear out colours and textures from magazines, or paint my own colour samples. It's very time consuming and fiddly, but hugely enjoyable. Satisfyingly I've had lots of interest in my collages and am working on more at the moment.

You'll see, on my website, a gallery of African paintings. These were produced in Tanzania, where I lived and worked for 25 years. I adored painting the landscapes, people and wildlife of Tanzania. I still have many good friends and fans of my paintings, in East Africa, and am still doing commissions of African scenes, so do ask, if you'd like a commission of an African scene.

I often do commissions, of people and scenes from all over the world, so go ahead and ask me, using my contacts page, if you'd like something created for you personally.