About the Artist:

I was born in Kenya in 1964, and spent my childhood in Zimbabwe. In late childhood I moved to England with my family, where I successfully completed 4 years of art degree courses in England, and worked in London for 8 years doing book illustration. I feel most at home in Tanzania, where I regularly visited my father before moving to the country in 1995.

I paint mostly with watercolour, but also enjoy oil paints, both mediums befitting Tanzania's vivid light, the sun-bleached colours of its landscapes, and the distinctive fabrics worn by its people. My paintings are figurative but loosely defined. I paint on location if possible, but when my safari is over I return to my studio in Arusha and paint using sketches and photographs for reference.

Living in Tanzania, one is surrounded by an impressive variety of scenery; mountain forest; lowland acacia bush; tropical coast land; townspeople and bush-people - all of these appear in my paintings. I treasure this country and feel constantly stimulated by every facet of life here, also taking a keen interest in environmental conservation activities.
I have exhibited in many locations worldwide, including the following:
Malcolm Innes Gallery, St. James's, London;
Tryon Gallery, Cork St., London;
Air Gallery, Mayfair, London;
Natural History Museum, New York, USA;
Grenning Gallery, Long Island, USA;
Atlanta, Georgia, USA;
Perth, Australia;
East Africa Art Biennale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania;
Arusha, Tanzania;
Nairobi, Kenya.