About the Artist:

I was born in Kenya in 1964 but spent most of my childhood in Zimbabwe, later moving to England with my family. After a Foundation Course in Art and Design I went on to gain a BA (Hons) in Illustration, and followed this with an enjoyable eight years in London as a book illustrator. Looking for more variety I then went to Tanzania for twenty-six fulfilling years, painting Tanzania’s stunning landscapes, people and wildlife.

In 2021 I moved with my husband and children to Sark in the English Channel Islands. This has brought me exciting new challenges that I am thoroughly enjoying through efforts to capture the emotions, tones and colours of my new surroundings. These blend an unspoilt rural landscape with a wild, windy and rugged coastline.
I have exhibited and sold my work in many locations worldwide, including the following:
Malcolm Innes Gallery, St. James's, London
Tryon Gallery, Cork St., London
Air Gallery, Mayfair, London
Natural History Museum, New York, USA
Grenning Gallery, Long Island, USA
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Perth, Australia
East Africa Art Biennale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Arusha, Tanzania (various galleries)
Nairobi, Kenya (various galleries)